Feed The Fire-[Avery Lynch]

I’ve been a personal fan of Avery Lynch for some time now so it’s honestly a huge privilege getting to type up some words for her latest song that just dropped today. This isn’t just a regular release though as the up and comer has detailed that this is her first self-managed release in the past 2 years; marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter  in Avery’s musical journey.

The new song called, “Feed The Fire” is hands down the prettiest song you’ll hear on this Friday new release cycle. Avery has always had a gorgeous voice, but this song does an amazing job of making listeners realize just how gorgeous it is. What I love most about Avery is her honest storytelling as she does a great job of inviting fans into her world and making them feel welcome due to the personal, yet relatable subject matter.

This delicate, piano based offering creates an ambience that will put you right in your feels in the best ways possible. Avery is an angel and I’m so excited for her year. If she keeps releasing pieces of art like “Feed The Fire”, then 2023 is going to be a beautiful year for her. This girl is the real deal and it’s a blessing to feature her on Lyrical Lemonade today. I’ve attached the listening link down below, so make sure you give this one your attention!