FAZEZ -[BabyDraco]

New Jersey born, Atlanta based artist BabyDraco lands in our pages once again. It has been very fun to watch his journey as an artist unfold over the last few years, starting with his earliest release ROADRUNNER originally under the moniker Big Draco where he began to dazzle listeners with his sweet melodic tones and impermeable beat selection where he gravitated to some of the most catchy production around with mostly all new names in the beat-making world. He followed this up with a catchy streak of singles that led into his follow-up EP babydraco which ended up being a self-titled release after he changed his name to avoid confusion with Soulja Boy, despite the fact that Draco had already been calling himself that for years. He is back today with his newest full-length project titled FAZEZ which shows a dramatically increased sonic maturity as Draco builds upon each of the melodic pillars he has put into place thus far and even heads in new, more experimental directions where he plays around with new instrumental styles and finds new range in his vocals both with the help of effects and not. Kevin Kazi who has been a consistent collaborator of Draco’s and the pair complements each other very well always producing compelling harmonies on the frenetic track “City of My Dreams.” Draco also called on HolyRain who both produces and raps and his experimental disjointed flows landed true on the track “Send Somebody.” The final feature comes from Austin Skinner who also offers his unique melodic flows which fall nicely alongside Draco’s smooth delivery. BabyDraco introduces new flows and styles on this project as much as he builds upon old sounds that we have become familiar with and it is really fun to watch an artist develop as Draco is and I can’t wait to see which direction he takes his music in next.