Father’s Day – [Lil Gotit] ft. [Lil PJ]

There are a few artists that I can rely on to constantly release new music no matter the scenario, and Lil Gotit is a talent who never lets me down. A couple of years ago I just thought he was pretty much a sidekick to his brother Lil Keed, but he has proven time and time again that he’s blazing his own trail and doesn’t deserve to linger in the shadows of his brother’s career. He has differentiated himself time and time again, making a very strong case as to why he’s one of a kind and you can tell that fans have been noticing this individuality for quite some time, so I couldn’t be happier to see all the wealth and success come his way.

Lil PJ isn’t a new collaborator with the young Atlanta phenom, so when I saw that this duo got together again for their most recent Money Musik-produced single “Father’s Day”, I couldn’t wait to check it out. After listening, it’s clear that it’s a hit in every sense of the word unsurprisingly, and even though it’s quite a few months removed from the actual holiday of Father’s Day, it’s still a song that you’re going to want to tune into no matter what time of year it is. Alongside this song comes an awesome visual that I believe is directed by Benny Bandz, and it doesn’t disappoint either, so it’s another addition to this release that I couldn’t help but mention. Basically, Gotit takes us through a day in his wild 22-year-old life, full of parties, photoshoots, and shopping sprees that even billionaires would look at and envy.

Some shots show Gotit hanging out in the backyard of a lavish home next to a pool while during other scenes, he takes us to the jewelry or clothing store where he whips out his stacks of cash and buys whatever he pleases, and PJ is always close by doing the same. Aside from this, Gotit either shows clips of some of his performances or goes to some sort of function where he hangs out with superstars like Young Thug, Gunna, Future, 21 Savage, Ty Dolla $ign, Lil Keed, and others, proving that he’s living a life that anyone in the world would be jealous of. While the video isn’t as wild or creative as some of the others he has released in the past, I always love seeing an inside look at a lifestyle I could never afford, making “Father’s Day” the brand-new release from Lil Gotit and Lil PJ that you need to check out as soon as you can.