Music is a game of emotion. No matter how outlandish or how reserved the story of a song goes, it won’t connect unless listeners understand the emotional context of a song. However, when an artist is able to communicate such, the connection that listeners can have is limitless, abiding only to the hands of life experience and perspective. Today, marking one of the best displays of emotive songwriting that I’ve heard all year, Greenwhich, London group The Mud, Se are here with a new, 11-minute project entitled farewell forest.

Acting as a goodbye to a close friend, farewell forest recounts beauty in even the most trivial of memories. It’s introspective, it’s held close to the heart, and more than anything, the project is absolutely and brilliantly normal. As such, it’s easy to step into the shoes of the London artists, sharing the glory of their memories despite the fact that I’m a random kid from the States who doesn’t know anyone that they rap about.

This is the very beauty of music, though. Listening to The Mud, Se speak their candid emotions over a group of soul-stricken instrumentals, I’m able to cross any geographical obstacles and feel exactly what they’re talking about. The concept is powerful, in many ways, and best of all, it’s identifiable in even the most obscure of songs, just as I’ve discovered in the form of farewell forest.

Stream the new project for yourself below and enjoy the sincere truths of London’s own!