Fanfiction – [CIB]

Summer is officially one week away, which means it’s time to start carefully piecing together our weekly rotations to soundtrack our trips to the beach and lazy pool days. Though many of us are currently knee-deep in the rollouts of Pi’erre Bourne, Duke Deuce, and Cochise – today our ears are graced with the refreshingly unique indie-pop track “Fanfiction” from LA-via-NY singer/songwriter CIB (Complete In Box). You might have caught a glimpse of her newest release in a viral TikTok she made showing off some “NYU x Taylor Swift” merch earlier last month, but this week our queen returns with the track in full, and luckily, it was worth the wait. Synthesizing raw pastoral acoustics with modern electronic production, CIB leads listeners on a journey through existential and romantic tension in “Fanfiction”‘s cathartic verses. Like her previously-viral banger “Mott St.”, “Fanfiction” showcases an artist whose wisdom is just as full of charm as it is understated – unafraid of taking risks while wielding an unhealthy affinity for clever songwriting. On “Fanfiction” CIB notes, “Nostalgia and futurism are two themes that are deeply intertwined in my music and visual identity. Fanfiction is the “internet babies” love song. The song captures the feeling of falling in love through a screen and how technology has affected love, friendships, growing up, and understanding who we are.”

With an EP slated for release in July, don’t hesitate to let CIB’s “Fanfiction” be the soundtrack to your summer – especially when you’re in the need of some feel-good indie pop to break up the Babytron in your summertime playlists.

Check out CIB’s “Fanfiction” below: