Falling Out the Sky – [Armand Hammer] & [The Alchemist] ft. [Earl Sweatshirt]

Ever since I first got into music, Earl Sweatshirt was one of my favorite emcees of all time. Even back in his Odd Future days when he was messing around and just having fun with life, he was laying down some of the most well thought out, clever bars that I have ever heard in my entire life, and he was quickly solidified as one of my favorites. Even though I’m not as familiar with Armand Hammer, I know that their connection to Earl runs deep and if Earl vibes with them, I’m sure I would as well.

Although I want to take more time to listen to their collaborative project with the legendary hitmaker The Alchemist called Haram, I was beyond excited to peep the brand-new music video for the project’s cut “Falling Out the Sky”. Directed by Joseph Mault, the video opens up on a lovely yet somewhat desolate beach as the waves crash against the shore as well as rocks that are supporting small cliffs. When the song begins, Earl seems to walk towards the water and out of a cave, finding the light as he smokes a blunt and spits his deep and introspective bars.

When we get to Billy Woods’ verse, we’re transported to another town that is much different from the one Earl was in, but it’s still just as empty and lifeless as the previous setting. While he spits, the entire picture is in black and white and his face is somewhat blurred out for an inexplicable reason, but it adds to the mystery and allure of the record itself. For E L U C I D’s verse, the color is brought back as he finds himself in some sort of small farm town that looks completely abandoned, having not seen life in what appears to be decades. Making his way around various buildings that look as if they were a community center or a church in their previous lives, he simply explores the terrain as if he’s going to find some hidden gems in the beautiful wasteland that surrounds him.

It isn’t a secret that for the better part of a half-decade, Earl’s music has become very deep and intellectual, often leaving themes up for interpretation by the listener rather than blatantly just spewing out whatever surface-level ideas come to mind like most other music. As far as Armand Hammer goes, the duo utilizes a similar philosophy that piques my interest and makes me want to continuously listen until I get to the bottom of their message. That’s exactly what I’m going to and I highly suggest you do the same as you watch the brand-new music video for this incredible group of artists’ song “Falling Out the Sky”.