Falling – [Greek]

Greek has been one of the more interesting indie-pop and r&b acts that are coming out of Virginia in 2021. His newest record “Falling” has been on repeat for me as of late and think Greek may be embarking campaign on a special 2021. My first introduction to Greek was last year as I got put on to his single for “Jungle” and his music video for “When The World Is On Fire.” This is the prime example of a DIY single, as Greek self-produced “Falling” as well. I believe how stripped down this record is and it not being some big overproduced ballad makes it very refreshing. Not to say I enjoy one more than the other but “Falling” is simple and to the point. The vocals and the laid-back aura of Greek over this production create a blissful feel.

Check out Greek’s new single “Falling” right now after the break.