Fake News – [Sowell]

Houston singer, Sowell, has brought us a melodic flow of R&B and Reggae vibes with her song “Fake News”. Originally debuted as a reel on Instagram, this super-smooth anthem is perfect for people who are looking to cleanse and cut people off: fake friends, fake family, fake love, fake news. This reel first caught my attention because of the bright, vibrant colors and hypnotizing fish eye lens view while walking through the streets. Her movements and attitudes, though minor, play a key factor in the mood of the song and her dulcet voice hits multi octaves creating a tone to real feelings set when cutting people out of your life because they think they know you. Though Sowell doesn’t have many songs out, this reel has definitely brought attention to her euphonious sound and I hope to hear more from her soon. With only three records out and such an alluring song that’s been keeping me coming back, I can’t wait for a full-length project to come from Sowell.

Watch Sowell’s new single “Fake News” for yourself after the break.