Seamus Fay
Seamus Fay
17 Oct 2019

Every artist has their thing, their differentiating factor. For Groupthink, I’ve always found this to be the budding talent’s marriage between melody and songwriting. Candid, but never insincere, he finds a perfect balance of relatability and impactful storytelling, meshing this captivating voice with a keen sense for sound. As a result, Groupthink melodies tend to get stuck in your head before you even know the lyrics, and then, as the lyrics start to uncover themselves in memory, a second aha! moment arrives, always better than the last. Today, speaking to this appeal with yet another step forward, Groupthink is here to present his latest release, “FACE.”

Commenced with the lyric, “I’m so close to who I’ve always been,” “FACE” is a tale of identity, from love interest to self-expression, self-worth, and so much more. It’s profound in meaning, but alluring in the simplistic vividness of each statement. In many ways, on a lyrical note, Groupthink seems to present an unfiltered stream of consciousness, as surface-level desires and ideas attach to longer-standing, overarching themes throughout. The constant battle between more artistic, colorful thoughts and those which almost feel impulsive is an infectious one, and if not anything else, these elements of thought paint “FACE” as one of Groupthink’s finest, and truest-to-self releases to date.

Pair this with a mesmeric supply of production — catchy as can be — and you have yet another reason to love Groupthink. No one is quite operating in the same lane, and “FACE” takes this lovable eccentricity just one step further.

Peep the music video below and stream the song here!

Directed by @DamienBlueVideo
Mixed and Mastered by @banksthegenius