evolve – [quami.xyz]

The storied talent of quami.xyz returns with the release of his latest single, “evolve.” The introspective release finds the Oakville, Ontario native delving deep into the tumultuous journey of self-growth. Much like his previous releases, quami.xyz is powerfully descriptive in detailing his evolution, fearing the unknown while simultaneously embracing the hopeful spirit of change. Backed by equally introspective production that swells and crashes on quami.xyz’s every word, like a conductor of an orchestra. The cinematic composition is his third single, coming off the heels of his second-single “selfless,” to come from quami.xyz’s soon-to-be-released to be born EP. With the conclusion of quami’s 2021 sophomore project, no one asked ending with the impending release of his soon-to-be-released EP, quami.xyz has masterfully weaved a two-part narrative that details life’s toughest moments, that ultimately result in something powerfully hopeful. As you dive into quami.xyz’s new single make sure to circle back to the release of his previously released EP to prepare yourself for the complete story to be told.

Listen to “evolve” by quami.xyz below.