Seamus Fay
Seamus Fay
17 Oct 2019

Subjectivity is a driving element of both music creation and consumption, but I like to think that to some degree, there exists universality in certain sounds, almost transcendent of this subjective nature. This is exactly the grounds through which London artist Haich Ber Na’s new EP — Everywhere’s Home — seems to exist.

Hinting at this idea of widespread applicability in its title, the EP isn’t easily-digestible by the metric of pop radio, for example, but it’s just unique enough that anyone can listen and find something they resonate with. Haich Ber Na refuses to limit himself to one sound, or even one genre, and the result of such striking, in-motion creativity is that it’s a home for all — a sonic atmosphere in which, taste and preference aside, we can all be moved in some way by such an emotion-driven creation.

With this, in just 5 tracks, Everywhere’s Home is probably the least *forgettable* release I’ve heard in quite some time. In the streaming era, it’s easy to listen through a project, even enjoy it, and then move onto the next new release a week later. With Everywhere’s Home, though, this isn’t so easy. Each song seems to dig deeper into an almost heightened listening experience, and the musical logistics of such make the EP almost impossible to ignore.

That said, by all counts, Everywhere’s Home is a fantastic listen, and one that certainly shouldn’t be over-explained.

Stream the newest EP from Haich Ber Na below!