Everyday – [SoFaygo]

It seems like almost every day there is a new artist blowing up out of the Atlanta Rap scene, so it’s not a surprise at this point. Although many of these acts can be affiliated with gangs or make ruthless, hardcore Trap music, it can be surprising when an artist like SoFaygo began to mark his territory. His sound is unlike anything else in Atlanta, and although I’m relatively new to his music, it seems as if he embraces this individuality and uses it as a catalyst to truly boost himself into the spotlight, a place that he so obviously deserves to be in.

In order to round out the wild and unpredictable year that 2020 truly was, Faygo put together a wonderful project entitled After Me which contained 8 fantastic tracks that lasted just about 20 minutes long, and this tape was the perfect precursor for what was to come for the rising talent in the new year. Luckily, he didn’t waste any time and decided to release a music video for one of the project’s biggest songs “Everyday”, which also happens to be one of my personal favorites on the tape.

Declan Kyle and Polo Viz teamed up to direct this miniature movie, and as chaotic and insane as it can get, it gives a wonderful sneak peek into the wild and constantly racing mind of Faygo. Various television screens are displayed throughout showing off random settings that Faygo seems to be in, one of which looks to be on a desolate mountain top covered in snow. There are so many animations and different settings that it’s hard to mention every single one, but I can mention that I noticed the fact that there seems to be a constantly reoccurring theme of falling, whether he’s descending into a burning city, dropping down from the clouds, or tumbling into a spotlight of sorts, it seems as if Faygo is never flying but rather falling to an unfavorable outcome as the video would suggest.

Aside from this, one of my favorite scenes shows Faygo standing in front of a blank wall as bullet holes seem to puncture the backdrop behind him, adding to the theme of him avoiding danger and/or death by the skin of his teeth. When the come comes to a close and a filter takes over the vocals making it sound like he is underwater, we are briefly brought to a bright white shot where Faygo is distorted, matching the aesthetic of the song and wrapping up the video nicely.

While I still have a lot more digging to do when it comes to SoFaygo’s music and career, I have thoroughly enjoyed everything I’ve seen and heard thus far. While his sound is clearly unique compared to any of his ATL counterparts, he seems to fit into a bit more of a dark, melodic, Punkish vibe that has been taking the music world by storm, and considering this happens to be one of my favorite subgenres of Hip-Hop recently, I’m undeniably ready to dive right in headfirst. Whether you’ve acquainted yourself with SoFaygo long ago or this is your first time hearing of him, I highly recommend checking out his music video for “Everyday” prior to diving into his wonderful December release After Me.