Ericdoa: The Lemonade Stand Interview

Ericdoa is someone we are huge fans of here at LL, he’s a great musician with starlike potential and one of the faces of Hyperpop. A couple of weeks ago we brought Eric by the LL office in Chicago for a new interview, and now we are pleased to present you with the latest episode of The Lemonade Stand featuring him! I spoke to Ericdoa about several topics including growing up in Connecticut, his musical influences, why he got banned off of Airbnb, going to the same preschool as Midwxst, how he first met Glaive, the tour that he is currently on, why he enjoys McChickens on a beach, performing at The Summer Smash and so much more. This was a fantastic interview, much love to Ericdoa for stopping by, take a couple of minutes of your day to watch this new interview below!