Entice – [Saba Abraha]

The collaborative bliss that ensues when singer-songwriter Saba Abraha and producer De’Jour Thomas connect is always something special. To no surprise, their latest work, in the form of Saba Abraha’s new single, “Entice,” is as exceptional as her previous work and a big step forward for the talented musician. Absent for a year, Saba appears to have been growing, as a person and an artist, refining her sound and spirit to deliver a palpable example of her intimate songwriting.

Her new single, “Entice,” is a mid-tempo production that exudes growth. Saba’s lush vocals glide over the De’Jour Thomas production with ease as she chronicles her newly found spirit, describing how she is no longer the woman she once was. This step into something bigger and brighter is an enduring message that completely engulfs you when listening, fueling your own need to shed the un-serving wears of life. “Entice” is Saba Abraha’s first single in some time, and her return leaves me, and I’m sure many of you, hopeful for an influx of new music from the compelling R&B storyteller. Saba Abraha had the below to say about her new single, saying,

“Entice is a sayonara to all of the people and habits that no longer serve me, including all of my old-selves. I hope when people listen it ignites the notion that some doors need to be closed. Let go of that part in your mind that replays your mistakes and let go of the people that don’t deserve to know you any longer.”

Listen to “Entice” by Saba Abraha below.