LL intern
LL intern
12 Feb 2020

6 Dogs has been on a steady come up for the past couple of years. His lighthearted, almost futuristic aesthetic has stuck out to me personally and considering I can’t think of anyone making even close to similar music that he is, he might have a subgenre that he’s the only member of. With that being said, he is so individualistic because he’s not afraid to experiment, try out different sounds, lay all of his emotions on the table for everyone to experience, and he’s just unapologetically himself.

Although he hasn’t necessarily been releasing the overflow of music he once was, you can truly tell that he’s focusing on the quality of his songs rather than the quantity which is something to behold. It also means that when he does release something, it’s that much more special. This can be seen, case in point, with his most recent single “Energy”. Over a triumphant beat full of gallant piano and what sounds like some high-pitched guitar plucks, 6 Dogs truly brings his own energy as the title suggests. While this is the case, he actually talks about not liking someone else’s energy, which I could only imagine is just way too negative for the Atlanta artist. The way he flows and delivers his lyrics sounds a bit more Hip-Hop and less airy than something we normally hear from 6, but he still carries out some notes and sings at moments which are comforting. The melody is beyond catchy and the lyrics are simple enough in the hook, making sure that they’ll be implanted in your head by the end of your first listen.

After listening to this new song from 6 Dogs, it sounds like he’s just having fun with his music and enjoying the life that has come with it. He doesn’t seem to look too far into the future as he wants to be sure to enjoy the present, and this track is yet another example of this laid-back state of mind. Selfishly, I wish we could go back a year or two ago when he was constantly releasing something new and we had a surplus of music from the young sensation, but every single aspect of his offerings are now raised up to a more professional level, so I definitely enjoy that aspect as well. “Energy” is the fantastic new track from Atlanta star 6 Dogs, so make sure you don’t miss out and tune in as soon as you get the chance.

Words by Danny Adams