enemies – [Zac Greer]

Alright I’m going to start this one plain and simple, Zac Greer has one of the craziest voices I’ve ever heard. His balance between deep powerful ballad level verses and anthemic hooks are insanely attention grabbing on every song he’s released thus far, crazy thing is he is really still just getting started. The Phoenix, Arizona native has been having an impressive past few months with the release of his outstanding debut EP headaches, which we covered last month. Zac is still at the beginning of his career but everything he has done up until this point has us simply waiting for his profile to rise to superstar status.

The other week, my favorite song from Zac “enemies” got brought to life in some of his best visuals to date. Our friends at Overcast have now done two videos with Zac, they have always had an eye for working with some of the best new acts and being able to break them to a whole new audience. They have a wild ability to create larger than life sets for their videos, “enemies” see’s Zac stuck in some deserted cabin only to break free and be chashed down by multiple versions of himself. It ends with Zac falling into a portal creating some captivating underwater shots, this is representative how anxiety builds up. Zac is running from these versions of himself until he finds himself stuck yet again, an accurate depiction of battling with yourself becoming your own worst enemy.

Daniel Jordan K is one of the best new directors and his collaborations with Zac prove exactly why. Finding talent and being the first to give an artist their iconic videos that sets their career trajectory at a much steeper level. This song has so much emotion when listening to it, but when a video truely aids in expressing the themes of the lyrics it allows fans to connect in a whole different way. Both Zac and the Overcast team have been having crazy years, hopefully we see more collabs from the two soon!

Watch the video for “enemies” and stream Zac’s debut EP headaches on all platforms here.