End of Story- [wifisfuneral]

Few artists in the current age of Hip-Hop and Rap music are quite as diverse or dynamic as wifisfuneral. When I first heard about him, it was on features with very dark, grungy artists where wifi’s more aggressive, hostile side came out, and that’s the type of music I just always believed he made. His appearance also helped drive those ideas deeper into my head, considering all of his face tattoos, intriguing fashion sense, and uncharacteristic aesthetic just led me to believe that he was this wild guy who would go off the rails every chance he got. That’s why, when I finally looked past some of his collaborations like this and tuned into his solo music, I realized just how thoughtful and almost introverted he truly was. His voice is very meaningful and has so much expression behind it, and it almost comes off as innocent at times depending on the content he’s going into detail about. This subdued, somewhat passive style within his voice is what cemented me as a fan because you can feel the emotions he feeling behind every single word he speaks.

Along with a rumor that a new album called Pain is set to release on the 31st of this month comes a very emotional single entitled “End of Story”. I say that this is a rumor because I haven’t seen any official confirmation from the artist himself with my own eyes, but I’m going off of what I’ve seen fans speculate on social media, although I’m definitely hoping they’re right. As the song begins, the production is as minimalistic as possible as it features only an airy synth that seemed to set a scene for a dark, mysterious situation to unfold. wifi begins to sing before any other instrumental elements come into the picture. His voice has certain effects and reverberation that make it seem like he’s singing in an empty, echoing room, but there’s a purity behind his words that makes him sound very crisp and concise with every note he sings. Finally, the beat begins to get slightly more complex, but it is still more simplistic than I was expecting. Only woodblock hits and brief, spread apart drums enter the picture on top of the synths, ensuring that wifi’s voice and message are the stars of the show.

His delivery almost reminds me of a flow that the Weeknd has used in the past, but it has this grittiness to it that I can’t help but appreciate. Eventually, some more elements are added into the production, but none of these things manage to take away from wifi in the slightest. There are certain points throughout where he just seemingly can’t hold back and belts out some of his lines in a very passionate, almost painful fashion that truly show off how emotional he is about this subject. As he makes his way throughout this offering, wifi seems to be reminiscing about a previous relationship he had. He goes into detail about how he first fell in love, all the good times they had together despite some of the bad moments and the fact that his friends tried to tell him to end this relationship while he wanted to remain in it for the long haul.

Although the chorus somewhat steals the show in this track and takes over a good portion of its run time, it tells a story and the passion behind his singing and lyrics help emphasize the things he’s feeling within. I do wish that he went into some more detail or expanded upon the two verses he had because they seemed to come to an end just as they were beginning to truly come together, but I’m still a huge fan of this song regardless. Once again, I have no idea if the rumors behind a potential album called Pain have any sort of validity to them, but I sure hope they do because this song needs to be accompanied by tons more like it if I had any sort of say in the matter. I’m hoping that this project is confirmed sooner rather than later, but either way, we now have “End of Story” to bump for the foreseeable future, so be sure to give it a spin as soon as you find a moment.