end game – [AVEY]

Its such an impressive introduction to a new artist when they pair a big record with instantly captivating visuals to fully immerse yourself in the world they create. Today we have just that, Vancouver artist AVEY is fresh off the release of her debut single “end game”, an energetic uptempo record that has been on repeat since it released last Friday. While this may be the first release under her new alias AVEY is known from being apart of the popular duo Harlequin Golda , group she founded with her sister. This new direction strays away from the folky/indie sound of her former artistic endeavour to create something very modern that packs a solid punch, any new listener will be converted into a fan eagerly waiting for whatever comes next.

As mentioned, this isn’t just an article covering an incredible song but highlighting the outstanding visuals that accompany it. I am always a fan of a video that has an overarching theme without being too on the nose. AVEY’s “end game” is all centred around love and finding the one, represented through various couples that show relationships in all stages. The visuals then explode into a colorful symphany that match the songs tempo in such a perfect way, if you are listening to this song for the first time I would reccomend doing it with the visuals to get the full experience.

This is an incredibly strong introduction to what AVEY has in the works, with this being her debut release the sky is the limit for what’s to come. Be sure to watch the visuals for “end game” and follow her on all socials so you are ready for the release of her next single!

Listen to “end game” on all platforms here and watch the video below!

Produced by Laprete

Directed by Harry Sung