Emperor of the  Universe – [BabyTron]

BabyTron is an artist out of the midwest who we here at Lyrical Lemonade have been keeping a close eye on for a minute now, and this evening we are pleased to bring our audience BabyTron’s brand new music video for “Emperor Of The Universe”. This music video and song are different compared to any other project that we have worked on in the past, and not only that, it’s different than basically every other song in music history? That is because this record is BabyTron rapping over 21 different beats, and we shot the music video entirely on iPhone in 21 different locations to match. I don’t even know where to start with this video, so I will just talk about my favorite part, which is the ‘Hard In The Paint’ remix. The way that BabyTron and Michael Jordan go back and forth in this scene just made me fall out of my chair laughing, 10/10 all around. All of my bias aside, this was a really dope and creative video, it gave me 2017 vibes again and it has the feeling of a classic Lyrical Lemonade video. If there’s one thing I learned in this whole process, it’s that BabyTron is cool as hell. Nothing else needs to be said, take some time out of your night to watch this new music video below!