Elroy – [Seafood Sam]

Northside Longbeach’s Seafood Sam is an artist I check on consistently. His talent is undeniable, and his newly released five-track Elroy EP just further builds a rock-solid case about the talented West Coast rapper. My gravitation towards Seafood Sam’s music not only came from his laid-back approach that almost downplays his lyrical prowess – in short, he makes it sound easy to rap but my true fascination and admiration steam from his choice in production. Never one to remain grounded in one sound, Seafood Sam can not only keep your attention among harder production but also on piano sample lead West Coast infused production. Song’s like the EP’s opening track, “Hood Vogue,” exudes the LA sunshine and texturizes the glimmering ecosystem Seafood Sam creates. Although each song varies in delivery, they remain cohesive and utterly elegant.

Listen to Elroy EP by Seafood Sam below.