I’m a little embarrassed to admit this, but it took a hot minute for me to “get” the title of Frex’s latest effort “Ellis Dee.” You’ll forgive me for not getting the lysergic acid diethylamide reference when you press play and, too, get lost in the proverbial “sauce.”

Making her Lyrical Lemonade debut Frex, comes in hot with a genre-bending, entrancing effort dedicated to the magic of LSD. The effort’s pop influence is palpable thanks to its irresistibly catchy feel and Godchild’s use of synths that create the glossy sheen, but it has considerably more weight than your average glitzy pop effort. That can be attributed not only to the funky bassline, but also to Frex’s sultry, understated vocals. Only adding to this one, the effort comes equipped with a set of hazy visuals that definitely hammer home the trippy atmosphere and pop-centric direction.

That said, “Ellis Dee” is a must-watch, so check this one out below and let us know what you think in the comments!