Elevator – [Blu DeTiger]

Today I discovered an artist that goes by the name of Blu DeTiger when I stumbled upon her new music video for “Elevator”, and I felt the urge to share it on our pages! The melody that Blu DeTiger created on this one is simply addicting, it’s like the perfect mesh of instruments + noises within the beat, and her flawless vocals overtop make this one a 10/10. What I love so much about this video is that it’s relatively simple, there’s no huge budget involved, and from the outside looking in, it seems like a group of fans having a good time with nothing but an empty elevator. Bravo to them for making this great music video and showing rising artists that you can make something special with nothing but an elevator. Blu DeTiger is actually playing in Chicago next week, so if you’re in the city, check her out at The Metro!