Electric – [Moe Young]

I feel like I talk about Internet Money artists all the time, but the fact of the matter is, they just simply never get old. While this might be a label, they’re also clearly a family because they always want to see everyone winning, and the amount of work that they put in is obvious when looking at the remarkable output they’re able to give to fans. The chemistry that everyone in the label from the top down is apparent because it seems as if this isn’t work for them, but they’re just getting together and having fun. The result is simply hit after hit, though, and this has amassed an insane fanbase for the talent-filled collective.

Out of everyone on the IM roster, Moe Young is one of the newer names to me personally, but after hearing some of his music, he’s undeniably one of the most talented. I have no option but to give Internet Money credit for building a roster that contains such diversity of sounds and styles, and Moe is probably one of the biggest standouts they currently possess with his old-school-inspired R&B hits that include a massive splash of originality and creativity.

Most recently, Moe teamed up with iLL Wayno, an insanely talented producer in order to drop off a brand-new single entitled “Electric”, and this song’s name does the perfect job of describing exactly how the song makes me feel. iLL incorporates drowned-out drums, interesting sound effects, and spacey noises that combine with one another for an 80s-inspired instrumental that could be played in a club just as easily as it could be played on a late-night highway cruise in your car with the top down.

Throughout the record, Moe consistently changes up his delivery so that way he not only keeps things fresh, but he is able to show off his unbelievable vocal range which is one of the most impressive parts of his extensive talent arsenal. As he sings, the beat comes through with such authority as the kick drums just seem to thump along with your heartbeat and Moe does a remarkable job of remaining fairly calm before unleashing his full power and potential in the hook, letting himself free while his voice just shines brighter than ever before, bringing an unforgettable song full-circle in such an appealing manner.

It’s so impressive listening to Moe because his music career is still so young yet any listener who knows nothing about him would think otherwise considering the control and command within every single note he sings. On this record, I got heavy The Weeknd vibes although Moe makes sure to differentiate himself in some very distinct ways as to make sure he can’t be boxed in, and the results simply speak for themselves. While I might still need to familiarize myself with the Arkansas native a bit more than I already am, I legitimately haven’t heard a single bad song from him and I’m beginning to think he, and the entire Internet Money team, can’t create a miss even if they tried. Whether you’re familiar with Moe Young’s insane talents or not, “Electric” is sure to be an immediate addition to your playlist so make sure you stop whatever you’re doing and check it out right away.