eieio *caterpillar song* – [david shawty]

Out of any artist rising through the music industry ranks right now, david shawty is probably one of my favorite talents in recent memory. His creativity is lightyears past anyone else I can even imagine, and that’s as evident as ever on his latest surprise release “eieio *caterpillar song*”, which is also self-produced and gives us even further insight into his constantly moving and creating mind.

Opening with some mischievous synths that tiptoe around your eardrums like fairies, we’re soon introduced to some tapping hats and smooth, deep 808s that all come together for a flawless foundation that david absolutely rips to shreds. His words are melodiously delivered, providing some additional playfulness while also being very stern and to the point. Meanwhile, his ad-libs are sung in the background to give us an even more angelic feel that combines with the other lighthearted parts of the record unbelievably well. As with most other songs by the Seattle by way of San Jose, david there are tons of intentional stutters, plug beat moments, and the energy is through the roof, making this another unforgettable addition to his already stellar catalog of music.

While david is often fairly secretive and not very talkative when it comes to the upcoming releases of his music, this drop comes with a tweet that mentions a caterpillar project coming in later June as well as a note in the song’s SoundCloud description that says “6/25 lol”, so I can only assume that’s when the ball is going to drop. Beyond this, david is blazing a trail for so many new, up-and-coming artists on the internet to be themselves and experiment with different sounds, so no matter who might be next up, just know that david is most likely one of their biggest influences. While I could go on for days, make sure you tune into david shawty’s latest record “eieio *caterpillar song*” as soon as you possibly can.