Eazy E – [Double007]

North Memphis native Double007 has burst onto the crowded and hyped scene that is Memphis rap right now and has independently grinded his way to the top of the latest class of young artists who are poised to turn the city up even more than the generations prior have been able to. There is a lot of division amidst the Memphis rap ranks right now and it is quite obvious that the songs that these artists are making are much deeper than the musical aspect of it that we the fans are even exposed to and Double007’s name particularly is ringing out from the streets in a way that not many other artists are able to actually achieve legitimately and organically. In his latest visual he channels Eazy E and floats over the simple yet menacing instrumental that lent itself perfectly for Double007 to attack in his calm and collected yet menacing and visceral manner. Double007 is certainly next up from Memphis and I am very excited to hear more and more of his music as he has been dropping rather prolifically to this point and am sure that his fanbase will only grow and grow the more he unveils.