EASE-[Khi Infinite]

“EASE” is the latest and greatest offering from Virginia Beach artist Khi Infinite who I have absolutely become obsessed with after a friend put me onto his music last year. From the moment you hear his music, it is evident that there is nothing but raw talents leaking through the seams, which is exactly why I continue coming back to Khi. He exudes a confidence that is a product of his work ethic and determination to be someone who leaves a mark on the industry and the music community around him.

I had the chance to grab a quote from Khi about “EASE” and he explained that:

“EASE is about real love. No matter the argument, it’s about being there and caring for your other half while dealing with self-battles. EASE is letting go of the ego and letting raw emotion in.”

If you’re in the mood for some great music today, please make sure you tap in with Khi Infinite as he’s got an abundance of it. I’ve attached a link down below to the music so check it out and let us know what you think about “EASE” by Khi Infinite!