Early Rising Concert Review: [Marinelli] + [Niko Rubio] & [Araya]

With the pandemic coming to a close soon (hopefully), the world is more and more excited for live music than ever before. It’s no secret that 2020 hit us hard, and one area that felt the brunt of that hit was live shows. Something we once took for granted because of its abundance, quickly became a scarce resource. The live music drought was not fun, but it ultimately became the reason why everyone is hyper appreciative that festivals and full scale concerts are officially back.

Just last night, I had the pleasure of attending a show that was nothing short of special. Up and coming music blog, Early Rising is now hitting the live space with the announcement of their partnership with Venice Beach venue, Winston House. Since its inception, the legendary venue has helped hundreds of artists and have collaborated with some of the biggest in the world. Some artists who had their first or early shows at Winston House include Midland, Lauv, Yungblud, Billie Eilish, Noah Kahan, and many more.

With this new partnership fully formed, the brands kicked it off with a jam packed show on 3/30 with Araya, Niko Rubio & Marinelli. Each artist played a 5-6 song set and completely encapsulated the hearts of everyone in attendance. Araya kicked off the night with his live band and graced the stage with songs like, “Blue”, “Archon” & “Crossed”. What I loved most about Araya’s set was the intention and cohesiveness that he and his band played with. The chemistry was off the charts which is just a testament to the bond they’ve built over music. To top it off, Araya’s voice sounds absolutely stunning live which made for a treat for anyone listening.

Next up, we had the Queen herself, Niko Rubio who completely commanded the entire room. I had the privilege of getting to see Niko Rubio live in Phoenix when she opened for Chase Atlantic and it was truly one of the most mesmerizing experiences I’ve ever gotten to witness. After this ER show though, it’s safe to say that Niko Rubio is all the way goated in my mind. She was born to perform and this show proved that. Singing her well known songs, “Go With You”, “You Could Be The One” & “Dream Girl”, there was no shortage of talent. Her vocals permeated all throughout the space and her guitarist complimented her in beautiful ways. Niko is my favorite artist right now and seeing her at this show was a treat to say the least.

Last but not least, I had the honor of seeing one of the most important up and coming artists that this industry has to offer. The last time people saw him perform was when he opened up for Finneas and it was unreal getting to see THE Marinelli in front of a crowd this size. To really appreciate his music, you have to sit back and just experience it and I can firmly say that I did just that. His song “Oh God” is even better than I could image live. Marinelli is a special artist and a special soul and he proved tonight why he’s one of the most unique talents that this industry has to offer. I can’t explain my appreciate for him, but just know that he is a big reason why I leave these nights fulfilled.

The ER show was fire and if you’re in LA and so happen to catch one, enjoy!!!!