With a new EP slotted for Nov. 30, west-coast producer The Alchemist has dropped the project’s first single featuring Earl Sweatshirt. On “E. Coli”, the veteran beat-maker matches his ear for hazy, sample-based instrumentals with Earl’s timeless straight-bar style. Earl’s monotone, steady flow hovers atop the production with a weighty presence. Thoughts come out in a moment of lucidity, blending introspection with storytelling in a daydream like stupor. “E. Coli” feels like a quick smoke break of a song and an example of rapper and producer moving in tandem almost effortlessly.

There’s also a music video that goes with the song, and thanks to director Jason Goldwatch, it’s actually so uncomfortable that I’d rather you just watch it for yourself instead of trying to break it down. So, peep the perplexing monster battle-inspired visuals for The Alchemist’s “E. Coli” below, and stay tuned for his ‘Bread’ EP coming Nov. 30.