Dying 2 Live – [Sage*]

Sage* lands in our pages today making a big splash with his incredibly dynamic new project Dying 2 Live where he is laced with cutting-edge production of many varieties, revealing his endless versatility and just how polished his flows are at this point, given that he can stretch his vocals in so many directions. Dying 2 Live is twelve-tracks and features no features and while this might be a daunting task for some artists to be able to keep listeners engaged for that stretch as audiences everywhere get shorter and shorter attention spans. This is Sage’s third project, following his other 2022 mixtape releases Father Figure and KRANK GOD and it is extremely rare for artists in this era, or any for that matter, to be so simultaneously prolific and consistent, while still regularly pulling themselves in as many sonic directions as Sage* does. I hope we get to see some videos off of this project and I look forward to seeing Sage’s next moves.