Seamus Fay
Seamus Fay
29 Sep 2019

Vintage Lee is the kind of artist who naturally shifts the attention of a room upon entrance. She’s a presence in her own right, and an undeniable one at that, having developed her reputation as a “PiMP” with the retention value and hit-making potential of songs including the MadeinTYO-featured “Vintage Like Lee.” Today, built to last and ready to make a statement with her latest project, Draw 2, the Boston native is back and better than ever.

In a fashion similar to that of her last album — the aforementioned PiMP — Draw 2 sources its energy from sheer charisma, blending a natural cool with insurmountably bright production and venue-shaking deliveries. At times, it’s undeniably charming, using soaring hooks to craft songs suitable for the club, the car, and everything in between. But where Draw 2 most identifiably makes its impact is on the other side of things, creating a dichotomy between fun and serious, enchanting yet real.

This intersection is where Lee’s sound finds its wings. On songs like “Left in the Cold”, her chip-on-the-shoulder mentality begins to shine through, but not without the braggadocious “Coach Lee” to follow. The entire project works in this way, blending alluring character with personal storytelling — a direct result of growing up tough and now, being able to show out at any venue of her choice in her home city.

Vintage Lee has come a long way, and the impenetrable Draw 2 can attest. Stream the incredible new project below!

Early Favorites: “Do That”, “Don’t Slow Down”, “Left in the Cold”