Sam Morrison
Sam Morrison
29 Jul 2020

One of my favorite songs of all time just dropped last night and I couldn’t be more excited to showcase it on Lyrical Lemonade this afternoon. There really aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe the brilliance that I’m about to bring to light.

Singer/Songwriter Liza is an artist who I wasn’t as familiar with before hearing this new track, but now that I’m aware of her excellence, I’m a full fledged fan in every way. The Toronto based talent has a pretty impressive resume of music already, but this latest offering definitely has the potential to take her to an entirely new level as an artist.

Some of the best songs are those that cover every single base with absolute perfection. In the case of “Don’t Come Back”, it does just that. Right off the bat, listeners will notice the sophisticated production that is helmed by well known producer, Akeel Henry. Without vocals, this song could stand on its own from a beat standpoint, but thank goodness Liza decided to bless us with her God-given gifts because this piece is truly unbelievable. On top of the way it sounds, the story Liza tells is something that a lot of us can relate to and confide in. “Don’t Come Back” details the complex situation of ending a relationship with recurring hopes that the person will come back. Creating a space for listeners to connect with shared feelings and emotions is the most important part of music in my opinion and Liza executes that to perfection on this beautiful offering.

I could go on and on about this song but it’s best if you all just listen to it for yourselves. I’ve attached the SoundCloud link down below for your listening pleasure!