$$$ Don’t Buy Happiness – [Quan’ta]&[Chris King]

Over the last few 5 years, rising rappers Quan’ta and Chris King have been on an active mission to establish themselves as forces to be reckoned with. Hailing from Atlanta and Fontana, California, respectively, the duo have made strides with solo records, as well as making a splash with their engaging collaborations. Looking to keep the streak alive, they team up for their engaging new EP, Money Don’t Buy Happiness. Clocking in at 10-tracks, Money Don’t Buy Happiness finds Quan’ta and Chris completely comfortable and ready for war. Typically known for their ability to snag impressive features, the duo keep that streak alive, recruiting D. Savage for the standout single, “Ridin’ With It.”

Throughout the 28-minute runtime, the two absolutely put on a masterclass as they shift through cadences at a breakneck pace, while showcasing a crucial chemistry that allows them to play off one another in an infectious way, bringing the engaging production to a new level. Standing out as one of the crown jewels of the project, “$$$ Don’t Buy Happiness” finds them floating over the production as they rhyme about the old age debate about whether money is the key to salvation. Serving as the intro and titular track, “$$$ Don’t Buy Happiness,” is a great showcase of the qualities that make them a duo to keep an eye on.