Distraction – [Polo G]

There was a moment in time when I had no clue who or when the next actually massive artist was going to emerge from the Chicago scene, which was exciting but also left a lot of people questioning who was going to be the next person to step up. We knew it would happen eventually, but we had no idea what the time frame would be or what they would sound like. Then came Juice WRLD, an artist of uncountable talents who truly changed the world of music as we knew it.

Juice was hip to everyone, so when he and Polo G released some music, it was clear that it was Polo’s time to make a statement, and he did time and time again throughout his tenure. This hasn’t changed, either, because he has consistently been one of the hardest, most consistent emcees in the city, so it’s basically a holiday whenever he puts out something new. Although it has been some time, just a handful of days ago he released a brand-new song called “Distraction” as well as a fantastic accompanying music video directed by Christian Breslauer.

Southside and Cubeatz teamed up for the production on this one, so you knew it was going to be insane from the start, and Polo takes this opportunity once again to show off his gifts and remind listeners why he’s considered one of the greats right now. The video is also filled with a ton of eye-catching edits and effects, but my personal favorite comes when Polo squares up with another guy as they appear to be shrunk down to fight on top of a birthday cake. As with most Polo Capalot releases, “Distraction” is a must-watch and must-listen release, so make sure you take care of whatever you need to and find some time to peep this one ASAP.