Distance – [Chelsea Reject] x [William Smith IV] x [Phillip Yancy]

The past year has been crazy and filled with uncertainty. I made this song to give myself hope during the pandemic when I had no idea what was going to happen next. Never give up on yourself no matter what even when the world is on some next sh*t” – Chelsea Reject

Brooklyn based artist Chelsea Reject returns to Lyrical Lemonade with a visual for her song “Distance.” The video intentionally isolates Reject away from others in the busy streets of NYC to maintain the theme of social distance; both in a pandemic and introverted persona context. Despite her hardships this year Chelsea’s unwavering ambitions have kept her strong, which she alludes to when she says: “I can’t give up I’ve been on a mission.” As a result, she’s put out the deluxe version of her fantastic project This Is Not My Final Form, along with this single to build momentum for her 2022 release trajectory. If there’s anything certain about Chelsea Reject, it’s that her music always comes from the heart, and “Distance” is no different. The production from William Smith IV and Phillip Yancy uniquely brings out the best of Reject’s lowkey style, and the bass provides an added level of listening enjoyment. Peep the music video below!