Dis Should Hold You Over 2 – [Tony Shhnow] [CashCache]
I think at this point it is safe to say that plugg-music has been revived in a sense as all around America and more and more the world we are starting to see new plugg scenes emerge from scratch as well as seeing more traditional and established artists begin to gravitate to the sound that originally saw popularity in on SoundCloud in 2016 and our nostalgia-heavy music culture has already pushed this style into being paid homage and sonically reformed with new layers and intricacies being added everyday. Mexikodro and StupidXool are the undisputed champions and creators of plugg music but it has been two other names that have dominated plugg’s comeback over the past year and they are Atlanta natives Tony Shhnow and Cashcache! who have respectively been internet rap staples for almost three years now and are beginning to receive the appreciation and support that they have both deserved for some time now.
This is their second project together as their acclaimed initial collaboration project Dis Should Hold You Over was met with tremendous support from a wide host of rap’s most respected pundits as well as being praised by all corners of the SoundCloud community, both for Cashcache’s exceptional production style and Tony’s lyrically dense rapping style that will have you unpacking what he said for dozens of listens and is only getting more and more creative in his writing. The project is 20-tracks in length and while I am not going to go into detail on every single one I can say that each one of these tracks are especially unique because of Cashcache’s continued commitment to being unique and ahead of his time and Tony’s endless bag of flows that has allowed him to be more consistent than just about any of his peers now.
“Yes Rubi!” is one of Cashcache’s more futuristic plugg-beats if you will as the percussive elements are very much standard for the style while incorporating a melody that would’ve been considered “futuristic” in 2012 and been a b-side on Pluto 3D. Tony drops off the track “FuckWitcha” that has been highly anticipated from his fans for the last few weeks where he proclaims “If you ain’t got no money I can’t fuck witcha, I don’t care if I just met witch or grew up witcha,” and continues on in a similar vain for the rest of his song where Tony motivates the streets and his fans to go out there and get a check with each whispered affirmation. “Gary Vee” is another one of my favorite Cashcache beats of late as it is quite stripped back despite gentle yet thumping kicks that jump out in comparison to the delicate hi-hats Cash has become known for and Tony is also in a league of his own on this track, performing his usual lyrical gymnastics with a get-money message but does so with an unorthodox flow that only Tony could pull off and is surely to be replicated. Tony is joined by Pollari on the triumphant “Take A Second” where the trio of Atlanta underground staples came together for an instant classic. “Accident” is a particularly atmospheric Cashcache instrumental where his plugg percussion collides with sanguine synths giving Tony a perfect backdrop to deliver what was one of the very best lyrical performances on DSHUO2. Tony and Cashcache bring the project to a close with the lullaby-esque “No Love” where Tony tells you exactly why you’re not built like him but gives the blueprint to having the same mindset and priceless get-money attitude that has allowed Tony to be at the forefront of the underground for so long and his mainstream ascension is starting to feel more imminent than ever.