Dirty Dancin’ – [A.CHAL]

As we have grown to see, there is a major scene for rising Latin artists, specifically artists who are comfortable with blending elements of English and Spanish lyricism. A lot of the major hits that we have seen in recent years have included elements of both and blended them in such a special way. New York native A.CHAL has been able to do this so well, that it comes off so effortlessly. Coming just a few months after his last release “High Horse”, A.CHAL is blessing the streets with another anthem titled “Dirty Dancin'”.

While the last single “High Horse” sported more of a boisterous and braggadocious tone, the subject matter of his latest offering takes the tone of a night out in the strip club with tons of beautiful women around. When speaking to A.CHAL about the song, he stated that this song “Just might make you go to the strip club and throw roses at the dancers” instead of throwing loads of cash. That statement comes from that element of blending in English and Spanish lyrics into this one and is also a nod to the movie Dirty Dancin’ as well.

A.CHAL is gearing up for his pop up show TONIGHT in Chicago hosted by Triller—so if you like what you hear, be sure to pull up to hear this song and many more hits live!

Stream A.CHAL’s “Dirty Dancin'” below!