Watching Family Reunion’s Jackie Carlson carve out her own niche in Chicago’s music scene over the past year has been nothing short of a spectacle. She dropped ‘J’ back in February, a debut EP that tied together the alternative/indie and electro pop sweetener that made her early singles slap. Her output hasn’t slowed down since, and with a second project set to drop Oct. 26, Family Reunion’s come through with a new single titled “Different”.

Leaning more heavily on synths to drive the track, “Different” sits on the more poppy side of Family Reunion’s discography so far. Guitars still pang back and forth, putting a serrated edge to the rest of the lush, clean production. Not to get overshadowed by the production, Jackie’s songwriting stands as the main attraction. Fed up with the negativity surrounding her and hearing people talking shit, she refracts her bitter heart into melodies that you can’t help but bop along with. Listen to “Different” below, and look out for her EP dropping next week.