Danny Adams
Danny Adams
25 May 2020

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching NLE Choppa’s come up over the last year or so. In all honesty at the beginning, I kind of thought he was just another rapper whose wild persona and energetic disposition was going to bring him success on a few songs, and then he’d struggle to continue progressing within his Rap career. I’m beyond happy that he has proven me completely wrong and he is more than just an energetic young artist with basically no depth or complexity to his music, which is the case for certain other up and comers in the industry. He has not only proven that he can create bangers and party anthems, but he can collaborate with talents who create different styles of Hip-Hop and he also knows how to tell a story. That might sound simple, but it goes a long way if you can come off as genuine and honest about the words you speak because if listeners don’t believe the words you’re saying, it’s that much harder to come off as an authentic and realistic artist.

Lil Baby has a very similar skillset as Choppa because he can clearly make hits while also sharing certain encounters he has had during some of the tougher moments in his life. That’s why when I found out that NLE remixed Lil Baby’s hit song “Emotionally Scarred” off of his most recent project My Turn, I knew I was in for a treat. You’ve probably already heard the production on Lil Baby’s original version of the song, but as a refresher, it contains meaningful piano keys combined with rapid percussion and some characteristic drums that lay a foundation for a raw, emotional story to be told. As he begins the introduction, he has a spacey, almost robotic type sound to his voice as he singes a few lines to set the tone for his actual first verse. You can tell there’s passion behind his words as he speaks and his energy is high as usual but in an emotional way rather than an excited manner. His cadences are impressive as he consistently speaks his lyrics, never really taking too long to pause or catch his breath before going into another line. Following suit with the emotions he’s dealing with, Choppa speaks of having trouble in his love life as he even shouts out the name of Lil Baby’s original song to describe his feelings and struggles. Other than that specifically, he mentions how he wants a quality woman and not some common, run of the mill girl, his significant other always leaving even after he asks her to stay, and how he’s changed the way he lives his life from his violent past to a much more tame, disciplined way of life.

There’s a music video that comes along with this impressive remix, so there’s yet another positive addition to this brand-new offering. It seems to take place in a hotel room or high-rise apartment of some sort, as Choppa is pretty much alone throughout the video’s entire duration. The visual opens on Choppa as he seems to be waking up and getting ready for the day, as he puts on his diamond-studded necklace and brushes his teeth. As he begins spitting his lyrics, you can see the pain and passion in his words from the expressions on his face as the camera even shakes back and forth to play up some of the hecticness that’s unfolding within his mind. The other setting in the visual is actually inside a parking garage, as NLE counts stacks of money in front of an SUV while wearing a face mask along with a coordinating black and blue outfit. There are some typical yet appealing effects throughout that just add a little more complexity to an otherwise pretty straightforward video, and I’m fully content with how it turned out in light of the current situation we’re facing.

Once again, NLE Choppa has continued to impress me with his adaptability, among many other facets of his style and sound. He can’t be put into just one box as many people, including me, once thought he could be, and he’s risen to the occasion every time someone has presented him with a challenge. By constantly trying new things and consistently being successful within these endeavors, NLE is always making a stronger and more stable case as to why he needs to be taken more seriously by everyone in the industry as he continues to move forward in his music career. His fans know just how talented he is, and they’ve remained loyal from the start, so it’s time for more people to take notice of his abundance of abilities and stop writing him off for whatever reason. NLE Choppa is as talented and impressive as ever on “Different Day”, so whether you’ve heard Lil Baby’s original version of the song or not, be sure to tune into this new remix as soon as possible.