DIDIDIT – [ThatsHymn]

There are so many moving pieces behind your favorite artists that most people really don’t think too much about it. Ghostwriting is a hot topic amongst rap’s elite, but it’s a fairly common practice for artists as they grow in stature. Some artists have the major fanbases but can’t always scale up naturally so that’s where writers come in to bring their talent to take other artists’ sound to another level. Personally, I love when writer’s with lengthy resumes step out of the shadow to focus on their own music. Today we have a new song from an artist who has penned hits for some of the biggest names out there, his name is ThatsHymn and his new track “DIDIDT” has been on repeat as of late.

Within the first play, the catchy hook provided by ThatsHymn was implanted in my head and lead to this one receiving a lot of play over the past few weeks since it dropped. The mysterious artist keeps his identity a secret, all that’s known is that he was born in Connecticut and based in LA currently. His futuristic sound matches perfectly with the online persona he’s assumed, what sets it to the next level is his ability to write verses and hooks like no other. Hopefully, we’ll know more about this artist soon, as we wait for new music make sure to play “DIDIDIT” will be played at loud volumes.

Listen to “DIDIDIT” on all platforms here!