Did Shit to Me – [Lil Durk] ft. [Doodie Lo]

Lil Durk is a legend in all different meanings of the word, but it doesn’t take me to tell you this statement to understand that it is a known fact. He changed the way the world looked at Chicago as a music hub, and even though he might not have been the first drill artist to receive recognition for his craft, he was definitely one of the founding fathers and he does it better than anyone else, some may say. I mean, he doesn’t need to build up weeks of momentum and anticipation to drop a project, because whatever he puts out is going to top charts and receive critical acclaim, and that is no different when looking at his album 7220.

While this was already a lengthy project, he wasted no time putting out the deluxe version which added 14 entirely new records and over a half-hour of new things to listen to, so he basically put out two albums in a matter of months, and I’m sure he still has a lot more left in the tank to finish this year out strong. I was hoping he would be another special guest at this year’s Summer Smash Music Festival, and although he didn’t come through for the second time in a row, he still has this city on lock, and I am excited for the next time I’m able to see him turn things up live.

“Did Shit to Me” featuring Doodie Lo was included on his deluxe album, and due to the fact that it was one of my favorite additions, I gave myself no choice but to write about the brand-new Jerry Production-shot music video. This one is pretty close to many drill-inspired videos we’ve seen in the past, but you know that I am always here for a well-shot, clean, and simplistic visual that includes fast cars, diamond chains and watches, and some of my favorite artists in the city, so I have no qualms with the video for “Did Shit to Me”, and I encourage you to check it out ASAP!