Right before I dosed off to sleep last night I saw that GoldLink had just released a new project, so it only made sense to stay up a bit longer and dive into the tape, and that lead me to writing this article about this new tape Diaspora. I truly got excited after first looking at the fourteen song track list and seeing features from Ari PenSmith, Khalid, Maleek Berry, Lil Nei, Bibi Bourelly, Pusha T, Jay Prince, Jackson Wang, WSTRN, WizKid, Tyler The Creator. I love GoldLink”s music but I also enjoy plenty of the artists I saw featured as well, so I was interested and eager to see what this one was all about so I took about an hour out to listen closely, but sleeping on it and then running through it again twice more. After a handful of plays through this album I commend GoldLink for this fantastic piece of art, it’s easily one of the best albums of 2019 so far, and I see it making plenty of year end lists and reviews, but even more so being regarded as a special & important tape in his discography. I plan on spending a lot more time with the music provided here and you should too, press play below!