Diana (Remix) – [Pop Smoke] ft. [King Combs] & [Calboy]

I’ve already talked extensively about Pop Smoke’s incredible album Shot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon as well as it’s deluxe version, and even months after its release, it’s projected to return to the number one spot on the Billboard 200 chart, proving that his untimely passing didn’t have anything to do with its success, but it’s rather an incredible album, obviously. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that if he was still with us, he would have been a top spot on the XXL Freshman cover, so seeing him team up with fellow Freshman Calboy and another friend of his, King Combs, on the “Diana (Remix)” off of the album’s deluxe version was a wonderful sight to see.

Whether it’s a celebration of the project’s return to the top of the charts or a planned release anyways, Pop’s team is back with a wonderful new visual for the standout song, and I couldn’t be any more excited about it. As it begins, a shot of a lovely lady hanging out in a smoky, dimly lit room is shown as a spotlight seems to be shining on her from above. A plethora of additional women is shown, moving from room to room as they dance, put on makeup, and smoke blunts. As we move on, Calboy and King Combs are standing outside of a slew of old brownstone buildings in front of a luxurious convertible car, vibing out to the track.

As Combs comes in for his verse, he hops in one of the many whips we see throughout, cruising around New York City before sitting up on the back of one of the vehicles as the camera seems to rest on the hood, showing him being taken on a trip throughout the illuminated city at night. When Pop comes back in for another hook, the original woman makes her way down the street, flaunting her looks and prompting the entire group to stare and gaze at her beauty as she walks past. Throughout the entire video, previously recorded clips include Pop Smoke dancing around, having fun, and recording in the studio, showing his work hard, play harder work ethic that is as honorable as it is enviable.

When we return back to the original bedroom scene, a close-up shot shows that this woman has a Pop Smoke tattoo on her butt, as she shakes it for the camera and makes everyone who is anyone jealous. In Pop’s verse, his entire crew vibes out, simultaneously head bobbing as they dance and enjoy the wonderful music. When Calboy finally comes in for his culminating verse, he is mainly alone in front of the lavish blue car that was originally shown as another woman dances and twerks in and on top of the vehicle. As we’re led out of the video, his homies pop champagne, but also pour some out to show respect and pay homage to the late rapper.

I’ve mentioned copiously in the past how much of a loss Pop Smoke’s death was to not only the entire music industry but New York City specifically. He was a one of a kind talent who could make all sorts of different styles of music, and he is missed on a daily basis by millions. Despite his untimely passing, I believe his team has done an absolutely magnificent job of keeping his name and spark alive through not only his impeccable album but also all of the music videos that have come out since the project’s release. They include a perfect mixture of previously recorded clips of the artist combined with new and original content that includes his features, so bringing his music to life is as good as it can get, considering the circumstances. The video for “Diana (Remix)” is absolutely no different, so peep the brand-new visual below whenever you find some time.