Los Angeles pop crooner DeathbyRomy returns with her first release of 2019 with her single “Diamond Tears.” I believe we’re in a day and age where pop stars are starting to look edgier and different again. Take a look at someone like Billie Eilish she doesn’t necessarily fit the traditional pop star mold, which is great in my book. At a glance, DeathbyRomy may seem she’s the frontwoman of an early 2000’s metal band. Go through her discography and it screams of potential and the early beginnings of a rising pop act. Although her sound tends to lean on the darker and angst driven side of pop, Romy’s content and songs still hit home. “Diamond Tears” is the latest offering from her and it sounds more like a traditional pop record but with a patented Romy flare. She talks about sticking to her guns and not letting money persuade her heart and her keeping her sanity over dollar signs.

Stream DeathbyRomy’s “Diamond Tears” below.