Diamond Choker – [Lil Gnar] ft. [Lil Uzi Vert]

I’ve already gone into detail about my admiration for Lil Gnar many times in the past, but I’m always down to talk about him some more. He’s the definition of a hustler, running a successful clothing brand that stemmed from his love for skateboarding before getting into the Rap game. This transition was seamless because of his early connection to the music industry, and it seems like everything he touches turns to gold as he can’t do any wrong, it seems.

While his connections to various rappers and talents runs deep, I have to admit I was as surprised as I was excited when I first saw him teasing a Lil Uzi collaboration on his record “Diamond Choker”. As the beat begins, echoing, bouncy instruments begin to putter along before tapping percussion, and speaker-busting 808s enter into the picture and take this production to new levels. Gnar starts off with the chorus, showing off some unapologetically insistent bars that use a similar cadence to that of which he’s used in the past, but it’s as catchy as it is entertaining, so I’m always here for it. As he goes in for the first verse, his flow changes up slightly while his background ad-libs remain similar to those in the hook, contributing some distant words that complement the final lyrics of each line nicely.

As Uzi comes in for the second verse, a mystifying whistle enters into the beat briefly, signifying some differentiation even more so than the additional cadences and styles that Uzi brings to the table. He does use a similar flow as Gnar, to begin with, but he goes off the rails slightly and takes his own direction as he makes his way throughout this portion. While he never really elevates his vocal pitch or goes too far off the straightforward, persistent path he creates, his attitude and swagger are as captivating as always.

Thankfully, this dynamic duo also teamed up for a music video, and it’s as colorful and lively as the two artists themselves. It opens up in an animated scene that seems to be in outer space before the camera zooms in and drops from the sky right into the film studio they’re inside of. The first setting we see the two talents in is in front of a green, turf-walled backdrop as golf balls are strewn about in the grass that also covers the ground. Other scenes include a bright yellow room filled with sunflowers, a pure white room filled with lovely ladies, and an all-blue backdrop where two women dressed in lifeguard swimsuits can be seen. No matter what scene they’re in, they’re constantly joined by beautiful women whose outfits match the setting, but the two artists steal the show with their captivating personas and colorful outfits. Whether Gnar and Uzi are taking photos of the women, playing golf, smoking blunts, or just dancing around and reciting their lyrics, they provide so much vitality to the music video which isn’t necessarily a surprise, but it’s a notable part of the video, to say the least.

Ever since I heard the clip that teased this collaboration, I couldn’t wait to hear it in its entirety. Uzi is one of those elusive artists who just seems to be everywhere and nowhere at all at the same time somehow, so although I’m not necessarily shocked at this collaboration, it’s also not something I expected either. Gnar’s energy is always at levels that so many artists struggle to match, but Uzi is definitely one musician who can complement his aesthetic wonderfully and this record does a great job of proving that, so I can only hope that we get more work from this powerful duo in the future. Whether you’ve already heard “Diamond Choker” one hundred times over the weekend or this is your first time hearing about it, make sure you check out the latest song and music video from Lil Gnar featuring Lil Uzi Vert whenever you get the chance.