dfwmn – [osquinn]

Today I am happy to introduce the Lyrical Lemonade readers to an artist out of Northern Virginia that has been creating an insane amount of hype in the underground with a unique sound that is sure to stick with you. Her name is osquinn and has recently caught fire due to her ability to intertwine distorted production with incredibly smooth vocals in a way that has been done before, but never this well. She is a genre-pushing artist with an already impressive catalog that is starting to connect with lost teens everywhere. Even though my days in high school are long behind me, her music takes me back to that mindset of feeling disconnected from your surroundings as you grow up while trying to remain true to yourself along the way. Themes people can resonate with in a real way.

Last week osquinn dropped a new song titled “dfwmn”, a triumphant track aimed at those that used to make fun of her seeing the come up she is currently experiencing. With acts like 100gecs heavily co-signing her, it seems like her talents are about to hit that next level. Something that is well deserved being that she has been able to express herself honestly and build a devout fanbase all while being 15 years old. The future is without question bright for osquinn as she continues to grow as a person her music will no doubt continue to evolve with her. Stay tuned, you’re going to want to see where osquinn goes from here.

Listen to “dfwmn” below!

Produced by fromtheheart