Designer Frames – [Mick Jenkins] & [Kaytranada]

There are many reasons why I’m so proud to be from a city like Chicago, and one of those many reasons includes artists like Mick Jenkins. I have been a fan of Mick ever since his project The Water[s] which came out back in 2014, and at this point, I was only just starting to get into the local scene further than just Drill music. This mixtape changes my outlook on music and the dexterity that Mick was able to show off throughout the entire project’s duration was incredible, making it a project that I Still make a point to revisit almost too often depending on who you ask.

Obviously, it has been many years since that released, and not only has Mick dropped various other projects, he has also clearly grown as a man and as an artist. Over the years, he has collaborated with legendary producer Kaytranada on various releases, and literally every single collab seems better than the last. Well, whether you’re listening to “Your Love”, “P’s & Q’s” or even “Gray Area” off of Kaytra’s Grammy award-winning album Bubba, you’re in for a treat every single time, and I couldn’t be more excited to share that the fun isn’t anywhere near over.

Most recently, the dynamic duo teamed up for a brand-new record entitled “Designer Frames”, and the results are as good as ever, continuing on the legendary run that they have created with one another. As for the instrumental, Kaytranada utilizes some sort of bongo drum, tribal/flamenco-inspired melody that is elevated by some pure humming, a groovy bassline, and some crisp percussion that is as good as it gets.

This is a lovely foundation for Mick’s deep voice to go in and display some of his impressive flows and wordplays that he has mastered at this point in his career, and while many of his cadences are difficult and his lyrics are clever, he makes it seem natural and almost easy in a sense, delivering listeners something that even certain legendary emcees would struggle bringing to life in such a perfect fashion. Beyond this, there is a hastiness behind his delivery that is complemented by this specific conviction within each word he spits, but the instrumental seems to help him remain as serene as possible as his lyrics just roll off of his tongue in such an impeccably effortless way.

While Mick and Kaytranada have become world renown at this point, I was surprised to see the rapper drop this track on SoundCloud because I’m used to seeing artists of his size and stature releasing music on other platforms like Apple Music and Spotify. I respect this move because it’s sort of like he’s going back to his roots, and that’s something I feel like many rappers need to do more often. Beyond this, as I mentioned before, Kaytranada won a Grammy earlier this week for Best Dance/Electronic Album which was much deserved considering it’s one of my personal favorite albums of the past few years, so I’m beyond pleased to see it receive the recognition it deserves. Finally, Mick mentions in the description of this record that he has an album on the way and while specific details are few and far between, just enjoy his latest song “Designer Frames” while we wait and see what his next move is going to be.