If you somehow haven’t noticed that the Hyperpop scene has been absolutely booming recently, then you just might live under a rock. This new school, out of the box take on Hip-Hop and Pop music is absolutely absurd and makes no sense in the best way possible, and I’m completely here for it. Some artists definitely take things to different, more obscure levels than others, but regardless of the situation, I have the utmost respect for these artists because they’re making music that I couldn’t even dream of creating.

Most recently, one of my homies put me onto an artist who goes by the name ROMANCEPLANET, and I was definitely a fan right off the bat. He’s signed to Cleopatra Records, a label that boasts numerous talents from a variety of different genres, but the most notable Hyperpop artist being ITSOKTOCRY, one of my favorite artists out at the moment. That’s why, when I found out he was signed to Cleopatra, he was definitely worth checking out, and his music video for his song “December” is definitely something you’re not going to want to miss out on.

As with most Hyperpop music videos, they can get pretty strange and abstract, but this makes them that much more compelling in my opinion. What’s even cooler is the fact that ROMANCEPLANET also directed, edited, and did the animations in this visual, so I always respect someone who is multitalented and likes to be extremely hands-on with every step of the creative process. As it begins, ROMANCE and his girl seem to be coming to the end of a date or something like that, and as they part ways, he begins to second guess and overthinks everything that happened as they departed each other, which is something I think a lot of people seem to do early on in a relationship.

As he begins to go down this rabbit hole of introspection and overthinking, the song begins to pick up and his world starts to spin, turning certain objects into Claymation-like things making him second guess what’s real and what’s not. As more and more momentum builds, the shots begin to get more rapid and he starts to headbang and throw things around, causing a chaotic scene to unfold before your very eyes. Finally, some guys come in to try and hold him back from getting to the phone that he wants to call his girl on, but he ultimately prevails and gives her a ring, although the visual comes to an end before we find out if she picks up or not.

Although this is my first experience listening to ROMANCEPLANET’s music, I was definitely impressed and can’t wait to do some more digging. He has this Pop Punk aesthetic behind his voice that complements the Hyperpop instrumental pretty perfectly in this weird, indistinguishable manner, but I was definitely here for it. I was also extremely impressed with his editing and animation skills because not only were they unique and creative, but they also seemed extremely professional so I can’t help but applaud him. I’m glad ROMANCEPLANET is on my radar now and you better bet that I’m looking forward to checking out more of his music moving forward. For now, make sure to check out his most recent visual for his song “December” below.