LL intern
LL intern
14 Nov 2019

By Danny Adams

Renowned hitmaker Trippie Redd is gearing up for a huge end of the year. With the past couple singles he has recently dropped off of his upcoming project A Love Letter To You 4, he’s back with another banger called “Death”. DJ Paul produced this joint with some clear Three-Six Mafia as well as other southern trap influences, giving Trippie the opportunity to get a bit morbid which isn’t necessarily uncharacteristic of the young artist. He also brought on DaBaby, one of the brightest young talents in rap today, for an incredible verse.

When it comes to DaBaby, it seems like he has an entire archive of different flows that he has perfected and just closes his eyes and picks one because it’s evident that he’ll destroy any verse on any beat. I really enjoyed Trippie in this song because the aggression he used in his lyrics could really be felt, and although he rapped a bit more than sang, it was a welcome and refreshing change of pace. If “Death” and the rest of the singles he’s been releasing having any say in the way Trippie’s year is going to end, then he might just come out of 2019 topping charts and maybe even winning a couple awards. I don’t want to get too ahead of myself considering A Love Letter To You 4 isn’t even out yet, but it very well could lead to even more success for the Ohio native.

Be sure to give “Death” a listen while you wait and anticipate the upcoming project’s release.