There’s something profound about the moment in which a baby bird finally flies out of the nest, still connected to its upbringing but now ready to take on bigger and better things. The balance of foundation and ambition creates an odd sense of pride that I’m sure we’ve all had some sort of experience with, and if not anything else, it also helps influence the people we become without losing the people that we once were. Today, in an impeccable display of such, Texas group PNTHN is here with their brand new album, Death Dimension.

Having followed the group throughout a large part of their Texas-grown come up, I’ve had the privilege of watching PNTHN develop itself from a rag-tag crew of talented young artists into a clear force in their home state. From stadium-level live performances to their well-curated, unapologetically southern sound, few groups have displayed such a strong grip on their native identity without becoming too stubborn in the ways, and that — among other things — is what makes Death Dimension PNTHN’s moment.

With Texas rallying behind them and only open road ahead, this album represents PNTHN’s moment of transition from beloved hometown act into a national presence. 12 tracks long, it paints an unrelenting portrait of the group’s confident stature and roaring aspirations, all while shedding a light on both the individual talent within the crew as well as the indestructible wave of cohesivity that they present as a whole. In simpler terms, from the kick-back charisma of “nopalitos” to the mesmeric closer, “deathbed,” Death Dimension is the one.

Still balancing money struggles, day jobs, and dreams of sold-out stadiums, PNTHN is ready to leave the nest, and there’s never been a better time. Texas’s newest group of stars is here, so stream Death Dimension below and get acclimated!

Early Favorites: “nopalitos”, “fooly cooly”, “deathbed”