Dear November – [Bigbodyfiji]

There are certain local legends that have had immense moments in the light throughout the years, but so many of these artists seem to go by the wayside and can’t generate the hype they once were able to when they began their musical endeavors. It can be fun to go back and reminisce on such an interesting moment in time when they were so well known, but it also can be sad knowing that all of their potential was unleashed, and they couldn’t live up to the hype. Nonetheless, one talent who took the city by storm years ago was Bigbodyfiji, a unique and inventive talent with an out-of-the-box skillset that had fans flocking his way for every release.

Even though he has maybe slowed down in terms of his output over the years, one thing that I’m beyond happy to see is that even during brief hiatuses, Fiji’s fanbase is as solid as ever, and it is going to continue to be this way for years to come, making him one of the most unusual cases considering pretty much any other artist in his situation would have to start from square one after spacing out release the way he has.

This just speaks to his creativity, innovative sound, and personality, because these are all things that you simply can’t forget once you experience them for the first time. That’s why I make it mandatory to listen to all of his new releases, and I couldn’t have been more excited to find out he released his latest track “Dear November” towards the end of 2021. The instrumental is dreamy, relaxed, and casual, utilizing a vocal sample and jazzy melody that is inimitable yet not surprising considering Fiji’s creativity while chattering percussion and lowkey drums complete this incredible production.

When he comes in to spit, he shows off a very raspy, gritty delivery that sounds as if his words are barely pouring out of his mouth, yet this is just another way that he is able to show off his personality, enthusiasm, and swagger. The blithe beat is the perfect juxtaposition to his more nonchalant flow, bringing some life into the song while allowing Fiji’s imaginative and distinct cadences and deliveries to shake things up. “Dear November” is definitely unlike anything you’ve ever heard before in the best ways possible if you’re not familiar with Bigbodyfiji, but if you’re already a fan, then this is just another hit in his arsenal that you’re not going to want to miss out on.